Programme guide

  • Overview

This specification contains all the information you need to understand about our Foundation studies programme, we adopt and deliver the Pearson BTEC International Level 3 Qualifications in Business and Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. This specification includes all the units for these qualifications. These qualifications are part of the suite of Business and Enterprise and Entrepreneurship qualifications offered by Pearson. In this suite, there are qualifications that focus on different progression routes, allowing learners to choose the one best suited to their aspirations. All qualifications in the suite share some common units and assessments, which gives learners some flexibility in moving between sizes. 

  • Size and structure:

360 GLH (Guide learning hours) equivalent in size to one International A Level. At least four units* of which two are mandatory and at least one* is assessed using a Pearson Set Assignment. Mandatory content (50%). 

  • Purposes

A broad basis of study for the business sector. Designed to support progression to higher education when taken as part of a programme of study that includes other appropriate BTEC International Level 3 qualifications or International A Levels.

  • Modules:

1. Exploring business

2. Research and plan a marketing campaign

3. Business decision marking

4. Team building in business

  • Grading for units and qualifications

Achievement of the qualification requires demonstration of depth of study in each unit, assured acquisition of a range of practical skills required for employment or for progression to higher education, and successful development of transferable skills. Learners who achieve a qualification will have achieved across mandatory units, including synoptic assessment where applicable. Units are assessed using a grading scale of Distinction (D), Merit (M), Pass (P) and Unclassified (U). All mandatory and optional units contribute proportionately to the overall qualification grade, for example a unit of 120 GLH will contribute double that of a 60 GLH unit.

Qualifications in the suite are graded using a scale of P to D*, or PP to D*D*, or PPP to D*D*D*. The relationship between qualification grading scales and unit grades will be subject to regular review as part of Pearson’s standards monitoring processes, on the basis of learner performance and in consultation with key users of the qualifications.

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