SpringBoard's Story

SpringBoard International Institute (SBII) is the international university centre,
was established in 2015 and granted an educational license from 
the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training under decree number 219 ANKR-BK.

SpringBoard is a jumping-off point for a great story of many athletes 
with the abilities and talent to perform in their competition for an honour.
SpringBoard International Institute is following that philosophy and aiming 
as an international platform (jumping-off point) in your real-life study 
experience with an international curriculum, experienced lecturers, good 
study environment, great work placement programme, and opportunity 
to earn your degree from our partners universities in the United Kingdom, 
Australia, America, Canada, or New Zealand.

Our collaborative culture, which combines academic rigour, hands-on 
practice, cooperative teamwork, entrepreneurship, diversity, and continuous 
innovation, makes SpringBoard International Institute an international 
institution and an attractive place to learn and teach. Through this system, 
our academic experience provides many students with skills and networking 
opportunities that bring lifelong connections.

To springboard a generation of leaders through research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


To be the best global higher education institution in south-east Asia that educates students for the good of society.