SpringBoard's Story

SpringBoard is a jumping-off point for a great story of many athletic who
have abilities and talent to perform in their competition for a honour.  
SpringBoard International Institute is an truly international platform
(jumping-off point) in your real life study experience with international
curriculum, experienced lecturers, study environment, great work placement
programme, and an opportunity to earn your degree from the United Kingdom 
or Australia or America or Canada or New Zealand, with great honour. 

SpringBoard have emerged itself from an education consultancy to a languages
training centre then transformed to an international higher education institution 
who are committed to the quality of education system.  

SpringBoard International Institute is a truly international institution 
and attractive place to learn and teach because of our collaborative
culture – a blend of academic rigour, cooperative teamwork,
entrepreneurship, diversity and continuous innovation. The academic
experience we offer is providing many other students from over 50 countries
of the world through this system not only with a diploma, undergraduate or
postgraduate degree, but skills and networking opportunities that bring
lifelong competitive advantages.

To springboard a generation of leaders through  continual innovation in Education, Research, Entrepreneurship.


To recruit and develop the world’s most promising students.
To be a truly international higher education institution benefiting society as a whole and educating students to the benefit of all.