Academic year or semester or short-term study abroad programme / Overseas study tour programme / International graduation programme

SpringBoard International Institute offers a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in semester exchange abroad, short-term study abroad programme, study tours, international graduation trip to various university partners, from term to term, to many countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, The United State, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore...etc

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More flexibility and variety

Many students find a semester abroad or short program or study tour allows them more options within their degree before they will decide to choose where they will graduate. You may wish to take a short academic course at a partner university in Asia or in Europe or America or Oceania, or complete a placement, internship, or practical work experience requirement with an overseas host. Each experience has its own entry requirements and application process.

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Semester study abroad programme

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Short-term study abroad programme

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International Graduation

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Overseas study tour

A study tour helps  students appreciate their field of study more  and it really helps them better realise the interaction between their chosen fields of study to the rest of the world. Study tours help students open themselves to many possibilities that are not just contained in one geographical location or culture.